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Flexibility & BalanceFlexibility & Balance

Glide Board

Works on Legs and Thigh muscles

Glide Board is unique exercise for increasing the flexibility of legs from left end to right and again from right to left end. This not only increasing the flexibility but also helps to maintain the lean and thin sides waist of body. It also increasing the strength of lower and middle waist muscels. It also helps in maintaining the proper balance of body.

flexibility & balance

Eliptical Trainer

Works on Leg Muscles

The Elliptical Trainer is a person-powered exercise station which delivers cardiovascular benefits through elliptical motion. The exercise completely avoids the impact stress runners often experience on feet, knees, hips and lower back. Many people cannot tolerate the jarring motion of jogging.

flexibility & balance

Pedal Bike

Improves core strength and cardio fitness.

Pedal Bike aids in improving core strength and cardio fitness. People can go at their own pace, working their legs and arms simultaneously or separately and in both a forword to reverse motion. The intense cardiovascular workout allows people to burn calories whilst improving both their balance and coordination. This machine targets both muscle groups in the arms and legs.

flexibility & balance

Wind Board

Works on Cardio-pulmonary function and cardio fitness.

The Wind Board Strength the Cardio-pulmonary function and coordinate function, enhance blood circulation and digestive system function and build up strength to service muscles. Suitable for peolpe of waist pain and lower limb ache.

flexibility & balance

Thichi Wheel

Works on Wrists , arms , shoulder muscles

These wheels are designed to promote flexibility and co-ordination in the wrists, arms and shoulders as well as improving circulation and providing an excellent warm up. suitable for wheelchair users and an excellent physiotherapy routine. The Tai Chi Wheels can be installed at a variety of heights making it perfect for all ages.

flexibility & balance

Fitness Walker

Fitness Walker provides cardiovascular benefits

Fitness Walker provides cardiovascular benefits that are similar to vigorous walking or running. It increases the mobility of lower limbs and body coordination. At the same time, it avoids impact on feet, knees, hips and the lower back. Suitable for all ages and especially for those for those who find jogging and power walking not suitable.

flexibility & balance

Waist Twister

To enhance the strength of waist, back

The Waist Twister has three rotational seats which swivel to stretch the external and internal obliques and the abdominals. Good for warm-up and cool down routines and for toning obliques. This exerciser is designed to improve flexibilty and range of movement of hips and waist.

flexibility & balance

Arm Wheel

Improves Blood Circulation.

Designed to improve flexibilty, range of movement and blood circulation to shoulder joints and muscles. Provides excellent warm-up or cool down routine for arms and shoulders. Also useful as a therapeutic aid and as an arm and shoulder work-out for wheelchair users.

flexibility & balance


Rider provides flexibility, balance and cardiovascular benefits

Similar to a rowing machine but in a more upright position the rider gives a full-body cardiovascular and toning workout, pushing with the legs while pulling with the arms, against resistance. Works on arms, shoulders, abdomne and legs through low impact exercise.

flexibility & balance

Air Sprint

The Air Sprint is a person-powered exercise station which delivers cardiovascular benefits.

This universally popular apparatus provides excellent cardiovascular exercise while developing the leg muscles. Allows a full range of movement in the hip joint improving flexibilty and strength, without any impact or stress to the joints and back. Suitable for all ages and especially for those for whom jogging and power walking are not suitable.

flexibility & balance

Excercise Bars Uneven

The Excercise Bars UnEven accommodate a variety of strength exercises.

Chin-ups are one of the best exercises to build shoulder strength and the biceps. They require considerable strength. The bars can be set at a heigth that allows a boost from the ground which applies momentum to the pull. For increased difficulty, stronger individuals can work without foot contact so that the pull is unassisted. A similar approach can be applied to the dips exercise. Provide assistance with a boost from the ground, or perform the exercise without assistance.

flexibility & balance

Dip and Leg Excerciser

The Dips and Leg Excerciser is a simple frame has been specially designed for functional training.

This simple frame has been specially designed for functional training. Easy to use and suitable for all abilities, users select the bar height that is right for them and perform numerous exercises including push-ups, dips, knee raises, v lifts and much more. Providing a strenuous workout for the upper body.

Flexibility & Balance