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About Us

Where Health , Happiness and Fun is for life

About Yolo Playfit:

Yolo Playfit Pvt. Ltd. is reckoning as one of the india's leading premier manufacturer and supplier of vast range of Outdoor Fitness Equipment and Accessories.We are here to co-create and shape happier and healthier communities by offering excellent play and sport & fitness solutions for people of all ages and abilities. When we live active lives, we become happier and healthier and we perform better. Through play and exercise, we have fun, we learn and develop as individuals and as groups of people. The very cornerstone of happier and healthier communities across the world.

Yolo Playfit is one of the leading providers of outdoor fitness equipment to public and private parks, schools, hotels, government agencies and municipalities. Our unparalleled quality and price cannot be beaten – neither can our commitment to customer service. Our inventory of equipment is ready to install from our warehouse in Nagpur , India.

Why Choose Us ?

By Choosing Yolo Playfit, you are choosing the safest , strongest and durable outdoor fitness and play equipments in the market.

How we are safer?

Yolo Playfit go the extra mile when it comes to health and safety and exceed all standards in India. That is why Yolo Playfit can say that they have the safest outdoor fitness & play equipments!

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How we are stronger?

Yolo Playfit continue to invest in our firm principle of 100% made in India, to offer our customers longer-lasting, better value outdoor fitness & play equipments!

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How we are Durable?

Yolo playfit understands the significance of quality and resilience. All our products are fully guaranteed to meet Indian specifications and standards. The construction and materials are built to weather the great Indian outdoors.

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We believe we offer the safest outdoor gym equipment in the world.

Our unique patented technology complies with the Indian Safety standards. Our outdoor fitness & play equipments are ergonomically designed and simple to use. All Outdoor fitness & play equipments are installed according to strict safety guidelines and comes with an instructional/information sign. The signage features training tips for each and every piece of equipment.
We have worked really hard to make sure our equipment is safe and can be used in all weather conditions throughout the year, as well as looking great, is as safe as it can be. Our fitness equipment is suitable for all body types, ages and levels of fitness. The Outdoor fitness equipment is designed for body toning and aerobic exercise rather than muscle building. The resistance is generated by the user’s body weight. This makes it safe for all users because the level of exercise and resistance is generated by the individual.


stronger equipment means a stronger you.

Yolo Playfit means quality

Our outdoor fitness & play equipment is 100% designed, tested, manufactured and quality-controlled in India. We use only the highest quality materials. We use the best designers, engineers and manufacturing practices. We seek out the best fitness and safety expertise – and build this knowledge into our designs.Yolo Playfit has tested all of its outdoor equipment range to replicate typical behaviours in the field. We field test new products extensively. We offer robust protection from climatic factors. Our equipment is designed to be low maintenance. We offer our customers a 10 year warranty on the life of Yolo Playfit outdoor fitness & play equipment, renowned customer care from a dedicated Yolo Playfit team member, super fast response times and excellent customer aftercare.

Quality and Durability

We provide Best Quality products

We at Yolo Playfit are committed to design, manufacture, supply and enhance customer experience of all our products & services in the recreational space are assured by

  1. 1) Delivering as per committed quality and delivery standards.
  2. 2) Continuously striving for global standards in safety, product performance & aesthetics.
  3. 3) ISO 9001: 2015 international quality management system certificate.
  4. 4) Outdoor fitness products are built to last and retain their original strength with little or no maintenance.
  5. 5) Continuously upgrading its technology & talent
  6. 6) Optimising resources.

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